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Digital Marketing can be confusing, But it doesn't have to be!

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Digital Marketing Experts

Digital marketing is changing. It's not about posting on social media or waiting on someone to sign up for your newsletter.

Our team of strategists will help you build a multiple-channel approach and then create, implement, and measure digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers that gets Results

Now that you have a good keyword list, select which web pages or blog posts will be targeted with each of your top keywords.

Create content based on targeted keywords or keyword questions. Push a blurb about your content to social media and make sure to link back to your new content. Send an email campaign to your lead list linking back to new content. More is always better.

Understanding the problem you are trying to solve present your company as the Guide that will help them solve their problem and Understand the problem you are trying to solve and present your company as the Guide that will help them solve their problem. Show them that you have a plan, call them to action, then Show them what success will look like.

Where is your target audience? Don’t invest time and money in channels that your clients don’t use. Most manufacturers’ customers are on LinkedIn and not so much Facebook or Twitter. Always post on Google Business Profile.

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Digital Marketing Explained

Marketing is about connecting with your target audience. So, where does your target audience spend a lot of time? On the internet!

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that exists online.

Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of search engines crawling your manufacturing website, understanding it, and ensuring that it shows up in search results pages. As a manufacturer, you want your website to show up in relevant searches, relating to your products and services. SEO is how your potential customers will find you online, allowing you to generate highly qualified leads.

What is a CTA?

Calls-to-Actions (CTAs) entice and influence your visitors to take a particular action on your manufacturing website, ensuring they navigate towards a valuable resource or useful offer. If compelling enough, visitors will exchange their contact details for this useful manufacturing resource or offer.

Does my website need blog posts?

Blogs offer your manufacturing company more opportunities to show up in search results pages when potential customers are searching for your manufacturing products and services. Writing blogs on a regular and consistent basis will help to position you as an authoritative and informative manufacturer.

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