Email Marketing for Manufacturers

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Should Manufacturers consider Email Marketing?

Absolutely! email marketing involves directly contacting your highly qualified leads or customers, marketing your manufacturing company’s products and services or offering informative content and valuable resources, while expanding brand awareness.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website and create sales leads.

Email Marketing for Manufacturers

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How Does Email Marketing Help Manufacturers?

When considering email to your marketing for manufacturers strategy, be sure to consider the benefits vs the time and effort. There are various benefits to utilizing email automation, including

Increasing sales revenue

Keeping customers engaged

Building trust

Increasing website traffic

Targeting specific leads

Driving traffic to social media

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Why is email marketing important for manufacturers?

Email Marketing is the most effective approach to remain top-of-mind. You want your highly qualified leads and customers to remember your manufacturing company, especially when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

We often hear clients say that email marketing is too old school and people don't read emails anymore. Well... the facts are the facts and email marketing simply works. We always see a spike in website visits after an email campaign.

We recommend incorporating an email campaign with your content marketing. The process goes like this:

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Grow your manufacturing brand’s awareness

Convert leads to trusted manufacturing customers

Expand awareness around your manufacturing products and services

Generate highly qualified leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Email Marketing for Manufacturers an essential component of your marketing strategy?

YES. Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways that your manufacturing company can market its products and services. Email marketing, also, gives you the opportunity to build authority within the manufacturing industry, as well as build trust with your leads. Email campaigns allow you to nurture your highly qualified leads, which makes them more likely to convert to your trusted manufacturing customers.

How Often Should I Email my Leads?

In order to accurately nurture your leads and stay top-of-mind, it’s important for your manufacturing business to send out an email campaign at least once a month. More is better, but always send at least one email campaign per month.

What email software should I use?

There are several email marketing applications. Some are very low cost, think MailChimp, and some are rather costly, think Salesforce. We recommend shopping around to find the best fit for your company.

At Driven Digital, we have tried a number of email platforms including the ones mentioned above. We finally settled on Active Campaign for our email campaigns and our client's campaigns as well.

Click here if you are interested in trying out Active Campaign.

Should I send the same email to everyone on my list?

No. We recommend creating list segments that breakdown your leads into specific categories. We often separate leads that are actively involved with our email and are continually opening our emails and clicking on links.

You can breakdown your leads into whatever segments that make sense for your company. Perhaps you want to target smaller companies with a specific campaign and then use a different campaign for your larger leads. The possibilities are endless.

A word of warning, don't make it over complicated. You are likely to abandon the effort if it becomes to troublesome. Or you can simply hire use to manage email campaigns for you. 🙂