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Most manufacturers lack the time and expertise to build a Website Development plan that gets results.

Over the years, we have analyzed thousands of websites and built hundreds of websites for manufacturers. In that time, we have developed a website building system that systematizes the process and ensures quality results time-after-time.

Here is a brief outline of our 4-step process for creating beautiful and effective websites for manufacturers.


Website Analysis & Strategy

We analyze your business’s needs and develop a website strategy to build a high-impact and effective website that will distinguish you from the competition.

Initial Strategy Meeting Topics:

  • Business Priorities
  • Business Divisions
  • Homepage elements (with wireframe examples)
  • User Experience ideas
  • Site Hierarchy (topic cluster model)
  • Discuss keywords to be targeted

Second Strategy Meeting Topics:

  • Review website design mockups & discuss
  • Review keyword ideas


Implement the Website Plan

Website development is done according to plan specifications while implementing the latest website functionality and establishing a credible online presence your customers will trust.

We set up the development environment:

  • Development domain establishment
  • WordPress settings
  • Plugins installed
  • Development link provided so you can monitor the progress

We start building your website:

  • Homepage built to match mockups
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Inner pages built
  • Contact forms and other functionality built
  • Weekly or Biweekly accountability meetings


Testing, Inspection, & Checklists

We scrutinize your new website with our proven Quality Assurance procedures, ensuring excellent performance and reliability.

Internal testing of all aspects of the website:

  • Bug tracking via BugHerd
  • Proofreading (internally and externally)
  • Contact forms tested
  • Pre-launch checklist
  • Multiple checkpoints
    • Links
    • Page speed
    • Orphaned pages
    • Etc


Website launch, Post-launch Checklists, & Training

Our Engineers initiate the launch sequence as we follow proven protocols to give your site the best customer experience possible.

Launch site to permanent server environment:

  • Point DNS A-Records to the new site
  • Post-launch checklist
  • Retest Contact forms
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Connecting to Google Search Console
  • Website training
    • One-on-one training as needed
    • Access to custom created training videos

We specialize in websites for manufacturers

Our proven 4-step website building system enables us to build high-quality effective websites for manufacturers.

When companies need website services for manufacturers they turn to Driven Digital when:

  • They want a website strategy that will generate sales leads
  • They don’t want to have to explain the manufacturing business to the website team
  • Their website messaging is confusing and they want someone that knows how to fix it
  • They don’t want to “spoon feed” content or ideas to the agency. They want a team that provides creative solutions
  • They want to work with an experienced team that can guide them through the process
  • They want a website team that is 100% US-based. No overseas outsourcing
Websites for Manufacturers
Designing Websites for Manufacturers

Website Design & Development for Manufacturing Companies

We you partner with Driven Digital, you are partnering with an outstanding team of website specialists! We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to build a website that not only looks stunning, but also drives new sales leads.

Consider us your external web dev team that can handle all aspects of your website challenges!

Website Development for Manufacturers

Secure Website Hosting for Manufacturers

Your website can be the target of thousands of hack attempts! Let's face it, all sites can be hacked if the hackers target you. Just watch the headlines, big companies get hacked on almost a daily basis. What happens if your website gets hacked? Do you have a plan? Who will recover it for you? What measures are in place to help minimize the possibility of getting hacked?

When you host your website with Driven Digital, you can have peace of mind that we've got you covered. And we back it up with our Hack Free Guarantee! If your website gets hacked, we will recover it and clean it up for free. But the chances of your site getting hacked when we host it is very slim. We watch it like a hawk? We run multiple layers of security and 24/7 monitoring of suspicious activity.

Rest easy, we got this!

Secure website hosting for manufacturers

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